My Path to Hypnotherapie

During my 20(some)- year career as a singer and voice clinician, I have worked with many singers, public speakers, schoolteachers etc. with vocal difficulties. Some issues were only physical and could be helped with good vocal hygiene and the right vocal technique. But often the vocal problems were more complicated to overcome.


I learned quickly that vocal growth is directly connected to emotional growth. And to help my students find their true and unique sound, the lessons often had to begin by focusing on the student’s state of mind, soothing any anxiety or emotional rising, before really being able to work on vocal technique. 

It seemed some vocal issues were rooted deeply in unresolved emotions, caused by experiences in the past, which hindered the student to find vocal ease and a free vocal production. 
And after understanding that self- doubt, stage fright, anxiety and low self-esteem were not the cause of these vocal difficulties but the effect of bad experiences, unconscious belief systems and deep emotional wounds, I knew that these negative experiences had to be overcome first, to be able to get back to the true purpose of the voice lesson, which is teaching vocal- and breathing techniques (and repertoire for singers).   


I wanted to find a way to help my students overcome these obstacles. Something to add to my voice teaching tool-kit.  In my search I came across Hypnosis and was blown away by its possibilities. 
What an amazing tool it is!


We all have heard of visualization and meditation to help manifest positive changes in our lives. Professional athletes have been using these tools for years.
Both practices are a form of hypnosis. So, after gathering lots of information and researching different schools, I studied to become a certified hypnotherapist


Hypnosis has given me the tools to help my students and so much more.

It has become my passion (next to singing of course)!

I have created The Hypnovoice® Method to help singers and speakers overcome vocal and emotional obstacles to reach their full potential.


I have my own Hypnotherapist Office in downtown Osnabrück, Germany, where I have lived since 2010.


I specialize in voice- and breathing disorders and have expanded my expertise to help my clients with autoimmune-disease, allergies, chronic pain, psychosomatic disorder and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Sessions are possible online!

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