The Hypnovoice®Methode

The Hypnovoice® Method combines 
vocal- and breathing techniques, bodywork and hypnosis tools
to create a healthy and free vocal production, help to overcome emotional hurdles
and unlock true vocal potential.

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This is where  The Hypnovoice® Method  is designed to help:

  • when anxiety and self-doubt slows your vocal growth.
  • when you suffer from stage fright.
  • when you had vocal trauma. (physical or emotional)
  • when you feel you can’t depend on your voice to work and express yourself freely. 

       (physical or emotional)

  • when there is a physical problem that makes your voice and speech not function properly.
  • when you have a speech impediment and speaking makes you feel stressed, 

       maybe even ashamed.

  • when you have overused your voice and it feels hoarse and brittle

        and it seems not to be improving.

  • when hurtful remarks about your voice cause stress and vocal issues. 
  • when you cope by avoiding situations that could trigger buried emotions 

       (i.e. speaking in front of people, singing in a choir etc.). 

  • when situations arise in daily life, where you need to be able to depend on your voice

        but you are terrified (i.e. family celebrations, office presentations, speaking in public).


Our voice - the mirror of our soul

From the day we are born we use our voice to communicate. We express our well-being, our emotions and our needs with our voice long before we form our first words. It is innate. We recognize others and they recognize us by the sound of our voice. We identify with it. Our voice is directly connected to our most inner self and our emotions.
Most of us use our voice without thinking about it – until the moment this "tool" doesn’t work the way it should. This makes communication difficult and makes us feel uneasy. When there is a problem with our voice, we suddenly become aware that our voice is
an important part of us and feel vulnerable.

For people, who only occasionally deal with hoarseness, it does not become a pressing issue.
But for those, who feel they just can’t rely on their voice anymore, the impact can be greater.
Prolonged voice and/or speech problems create unease and increase negative feelings about ourselves. Our voice is something we can not just change like a haircut or a pair of shoes.
It’s personal. It’s emotional.
It connects directly to our sense of self, our confidence and our self-worth.
When our voice doesn't function correctly, we feel as if something is wrong with us,
that we are somehow inadequate.

For voice-teachers, singers and voice specialists one of the most important goals is to find each student’s true, unique and free sound. A free vocal production leads to greater emotional - and musical expression. Voice teachers learn quickly that vocal growth is connected to emotional growth. -
“The voice is the mirror to our soul” (Johan Sundberg).

The same is true for anyone working with the human voice:
voice and language coaches, speech therapists, choir directors etc.

But this can also create challenges, when suppressed anxiety, self doubt and emotional pain are revealed. Dealing with a student’s state of mind and emotions is necessary and important but often delays and even hinders the true purpose of the voice lesson which is teaching vocal- and breathing techniques and repertoire.

The Hypnovoice Method uses vocal- and breathing techniques in combination with
bodywork and simple hypnosis tools to overcome emotional hurdles, 
create a healthy and free voice production to 
unlock true vocal potential.